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Angelica Anaya - founder of SOLUX Med Spa in River North, Chicago

Angelica Anaya, LSO 


Advanced Aesthetics


Angelica Anaya began her career in the field of aesthetics in 2003. Since then, she has worked her way through the skincare industry as an aesthetician, product manager, marketing director, and advanced laser specialist.  After working in the skin and beauty industry for over twenty years, Angelica pursued her dream of health spa ownership and became a staple within the Chicago aesthetics community. 


Now, as the founder of Chicago’s most elite medical and health spa, she has reached a pinnacle position in her career.  Her degree from the Harrington Design School and her passion for interior design is displayed throughout SOLUX Med Spa’s ravishing décor.


Angelica has extensive clinical experience with laser-based procedures, advanced skincare regimens, and a thorough knowledge of everything skin. She has performed thousands of laser procedures and body countouring treatments for satisfied clients, Angelica's focus on anti-aging therapies through the latest technology, as well as her attentiveness to clientele, has kept skincare enthusiasts following her in business.

Cool Sculpting Specialists
Jennifer Nolden - CoolSculpting specialist and head of business sevelopment at SOLUX Med Spa in River North, Chicago
Cool Sculpting Specialists

Jennifer Gorden

Coolsculpting Specialist 

Jennifer Nolden has always had a passion for design, business, and healthy living. Upon graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Broadcasting, she worked as a Development Manager at one of the ten largest home lenders in the United States. Following the birth of her son, Jennifer decided it was time to change up her career, so she followed her passion for beauty to a new vocation. As a CoolSculpting Specialist, Jennifer helps her clients achieve the bodies they've always wanted.


Her personal experience as a CoolSculpting client makes her an ideal advocate. Jennifer loves seeing how CoolSculpting changes the lives of her clients by building their confidence and transforming their bodies. Jennifer favors the natural look one can achieve through non-invasive and non-surgical means, a belief that has brought her to SOLUX. Here, Jennifer is focused on sharing everything SOLUX has to offer and believes everyone deserves a SOLUX experience.

Cassie Krusich - Advance Nurse Injector

Cassie Krusich

Advance Nurse Injector

Cassie Krusich is an aesthetics veteran with over 20 years of industry experience. She has been passionate about aesthetics from a young age, working as a makeup artist to put herself through college. After graduating with a degree in Finance and International Business, she began a career in aesthetic medical sales with Allergan Medical, working with some of Chicago's top plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists to introduce Botox Cosmetic, and subsequently launching the Juvederm and Voluma family of fillers. Cassie enjoyed her work with injectables so much, she enrolled in nursing school in 2016 and earned her license to provide injectables independently. 


Cassie's favorite part of working in aesthetics is in service to her patients. By simply restoring volume and symmetry to the face, her work creates small, subtle 

changes that have an enormous impact on her patients' self-confidence. 

Grace Honiotes - Aesthetics + Lasers

Grace Honiotes 

Aesthetics + Lasers

Grace Honiotes believes confidence is paramount, and being comfortable in our own skin plays a key role in achieving that brilliant sense of self. Grace was raised in Ottawa, Illinois and is the youngest of five within a large Greek family. Her family has kept her grounded, while also allowing her personality to grow and develop in many, colorful, positive ways. Grace has trained extensively at U. S. Academy and True University, with additional advanced training in micro needling, chemical peels and dermaplaning. She has also received scholarships for both softball and volleyball, so it goes without saying, she's a little competitive.


Now driven by her love of aesthetics, she remains constant in her pursuit of the finest treatments and technologies available. Grace has a warm, intuitive soul and her expertise in the world of aesthetics, has allowed her to help our clients not only enrich their beauty, but also achieve a sense of peace within themselves. She has a purpose; and that purpose is to guide you, and all our clients, to the pinnacle of your beauty and grace.

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